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Free fitting and delivery available, within a 10 mile radius of Barnehurst, Kent, England


Girls Leotards

Diamond Dust

Girls Leotards



You can email your order, confirm any details, or queries and also pay online via an email payment request or email invoice.

The PDF order form link below, enables you to fill out the details of your purchase on an A4 printable sheet.
The size charts below, help you to measure and obtain the correct size garment or equipment. Please note, there are specific charts which relate to particular manufacturers.

Postage and packaging costs for orders either within or outside of the UK, we would prefer to estimate each time to ensure you only pay what you need to rather than a blanket cost which covers the most expensive options only.

A local free fitting and delivery service is available within a 10 mile radius of Barnehurst, Kent, England. Ask for details.

For all and any queries regarding your personal order, please contact Jo via our contact us page.

Little Stars Order Form

Snowflake Size Chart

Milano Size Chart

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 Shorts Size Chart

Size Chart 3

 Grip Chart

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